Troubleshooting about high pressure solenoid valve

Troubleshooting about high pressure solenoid valve
1, the solenoid valve coil burned situation. Measured with a multimeter, thesolenoid valve connected to the line, if the result is open the solenoid valvecoil burned out, cause such a result there are many, such as the coil insulationdamp cause bad effect magnetic flux leakage, causing the coil current is toolarge to burn, Therefore, magnetic level gauge to prevent rainwater fromentering the solenoid valve. In addition, excellent spring, the reaction forceis too large, too few coil turns, the suction can not make the coil burnt.Emergency treatment can be manual button on the coil by the "0" position duringnormal operation hit the "1" bits, so that the valve is opened.
2, the leak can lead to insufficient air pressure, the solenoid valve can notbe forced to open and close properly, because most seals damaged or slide valvewear caused by several cavity channeling gas.
3, with the gap typically solenoid valve slide valve sleeve and spool with asmall, when a mechanical impurities into or too little lubricant, it would beeasy to get stuck.
4, solenoid valve wiring loose or because the use of the long loose thread,the solenoid valve is not energized, be fastened thread try.
5, the solenoid valve sticking. Available hold into the wire from the headholes to make it bounce. Remove the spool and spool cover, with CCI4 cleaning,making the spool in the valve kit flexible movement. Also check the oil mistinjector holes are blocked, adequacy of lubricants.

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