4 main function of Hydraulic Accumulators

4 main function of Hydraulic Accumulators
1. Stored energy.
2. The hydraulic shock absorption. Suddenly reversing valve, actuatormovement suddenly stopped will have impact pressure in the hydraulic system, thesystem pressure rises rapidly in a short time, resulting in damage to theinstrument element and the sealing means, and vibration and noise. To ensureabsorption, accumulators should be set in the vicinity of the point of impact,so the accumulator is generally installed before the control valve or hydrauliccylinders and other impact sources, and can be a good cushion to absorbhydraulic shock.
3. Eliminate pulsation and reduce noise. For use, a plunger piston and asmall number of the hydraulic system, the pump flow rate cycle of the systemvibration. Installation of accumulators, can absorb a lot of pressure and flowin the pulsating energy flow in a cycle of pulsation. Instantaneous flow ratehigher than the average flow of the fluid is absorbed by the accumulatorsection, below the average flow section complemented by the accumulator, whichabsorbs the pulsating energy, reducing pulsation, reduced damage to sensitiveinstruments and equipment Cheng Chong.
4. Energy recovery. Accumulator with energy recovery is an area of ​​currentresearch more. Energy recovery can improve energy efficiency, energyconservation is an important way. Because the energy accumulator can be staged,it can be used to recover a variety of functions, the location of potential.

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