5 fault diagnosis of hydraulic accumulators

5 fault diagnosis of hydraulic accumulators
1, Determine the nature and severity of the fault. According to siteconditions, determine whether there is a fault, is what is the nature of theproblem (pressure, velocity, or other action) severity (normal, minor fault, thegeneral failure or serious failure), the problem.
2. Find the failure element and failure location. According to the symptomsand related information, to identify the point of failure, for furthertroubleshooting, here to find out "the problem lies."
3. Further search of the original cause malfunction. Such as hydraulic oilpollution, low component reliability, and other undesirable environmentalfactors. Here the main reason for the failure to clarify the outside.
4. Mechanism. Failure of the chain of causation in-depth analysis anddiscussion, to clarify the circumstances surrounding the issues arising.
5. Predicted failure development trend.

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