5 feature of solenoid valve

5 feature of solenoid valve
External leaks are endangering the security elements. Other automatic controlvalve will usually stem protruding from the electric, pneumatic, hydraulicactuator control spool rotation or movement. This should solve the long-termoperation of the valve stem seals for external leakage problem; only thesolenoid valve is an electromagnetic force is applied to seal the electriccontrol valve separated from the magnetic core within the sleeve is completed,there is no dynamic seal, so easy to block leakage must . Electric torquecontrol valve is easy, prone to internal leakage, or even pull off the stemhead; structure type solenoid valve is easy to control internal leakage, untilreduced to zero. Therefore, the use of special safety valve, especially forcorrosive, toxic or high-temperature media.
2, the system is simple, it takes computers, low price
Solenoid valve itself is simple, the price is low, compared to other types ofvalve actuators easy installation and maintenance. More significant is muchsimpler automatic control system consisting of a much lower price. Since thesolenoid valve is a switch control signal, and industrial computer connection isvery convenient. In today's widespread use of computers, an era of decliningprices, the advantages of the solenoid valve is even more obvious.
3, action express, power tiny, lightweight form
Solenoid valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even inthe pilot solenoid valve can also be controlled within tens of milliseconds.Since forming the circuit, is more sensitive than the other automatic controlvalve. Properly designed solenoid valve coil power consumption is very low, anenergy-saving products; can be triggered simply moves automatically maintainvalve position, usually is not power. Solenoid valve Small size, saving spaceand light and beautiful.
4, adjusting the accuracy is limited, restricted for the media
Solenoid valve switch is usually only two states, the spool only in twoextreme positions, it can not be adjusted continuously, so regulation accuracyalso subject to certain restrictions.
Solenoid valve on the media have a higher cleanliness requirements, includinggranular media can not be applied, in the case must first filtered impurities.In addition, viscous media can not be applied, and the specific product issuitable for medium viscosity range is relatively narrow.
5, model and diverse, wide range of uses
Although the solenoid valve deficiencies, the advantage is still veryprominent, so we designed a wide range of products to meet different needs, usedwidely. Solenoid valve technology advances are also centered on how to overcomethe deficiencies, how to better play to the inherent advantages and expand.

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