Some common failure analysis of solenoid valve

Some common failure analysis of solenoid valve
1, the solenoid valve coil burned out, remove the solenoid valve wiring,measured with a multimeter, assuming open, the solenoid valve coil burned out.Coil elements damp, resulting in bad insulation magnetic flux leakage,constituting the coil current is too large and burned, so to prevent rainwaterfrom entering the solenoid valve.
2, the solenoid valve sticking. Space cooperation solenoid valve slide valvesleeve and spool with a small, usually single-piece device, when a mechanicalimpurities into or too little lubricant, very stuck.
3, the solenoid valve lugs loose or thread falling, electric solenoid valveshall be fastened thread.
Shortcomings in dealing with the pilot solenoid valves switch system, selectthe appropriate opportunity, and so when the solenoid valve is energized forprocessing, if in a never-ending space switching, switching system can besuspended, calm handling.

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